Patient Portal

Access your patient portal

We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to access your patient information online and at your convenience. With Athena Patient Portal, you may view your past and upcoming appointment, update your personal information, request refill and view prescriptions, results, and pay online.


Your patient profile is available here.



How do I reset or change my password?
Option 1: Click “forgot your password”, located on the patient portal website underneath the password bar. Athena will then send you an email to reset your password. Could take 5-10 minutes to receive email.
Option 2: While in My Profile, click the security settings to update password.

What is self-check-in?
This gives you the ability to check into your appointment early if you would want to update your demographics, medical history, select pharmacy or electronically sign privacy form.

How to self-check-in?
Log into your portal account, then click the Appointment Tab located on the left side bar, select “Check In”. This is where you can update all available links, then click submit.

Why does nothing appear when I click “view details” or “view receipt”?
Adobe Acrobat is required to view and print statements and forms on the patient portal. When you click the My Health tab, located in the left side bar, select the Medical Forms. This will direct you to a link that will help you download this program for free.

How do I contact my provider?
On the left side bar you will see a Message tab or click Inbox that is in the top header. Select Compose Message and this is where you will need to select a message type, provider, location, subject and type your message. We hope to get back to all of our messages within two to five business days, thank you for your patience in advance.